Double Hammock with Stand - Your Choice

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Double Hammock with Stand - Your Choice
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Walmart has this at $146 via Unbeatable Sale… I think they need to change their name

Anyone know how long this is when disassembled and in the carrying case?


Great question. I looked through a bunch of the Amazon reviews (there are hundreds, and mostly very positive) trying to find the same info, but didn’t. There were, however, many reviews mentioning the handy carrying bag and carrying it around in the car, so that’s hopeful. Also, the size of the box it ships in was described (by a customer, so this isn’t official) as approximately 9"x9"x48", so that would be my guess.

I bought this hammock last year.

I liked it and it was very comfortable. It was machine washable too.

My main complaint is that the colors faded within weeks. By the end of the season the hammock was almost white and had very little color left in it.

I bought the tropical colored one. Here’s a few pics of the fading.

Thanks so much. it makes sense I think. Since that would sort of mean the main bar at bottom splits in 2

I just wanted to know that it is not 7 or 8 feet long …

again if anyone knows for sure I would appreciate it …

I bought this last year as well… I just went out and looked… you end up with 5 pieces, that are approximately the same length, 4’ the bottom bar, connects into the two “legs” which connect into the two angled “arms” the Hammock actually connects to…

We made the mistake of leaving it out all summer. So, not only did the colors fade, it was full of mildew…

Also, one other thing I didn’t like about it… Since it connects at one point, and doesn’t have a spreader bar, when you lay in it, you kind of get this cocoon action, the fabric rolls up and around you… In fact, my kids loved playing on it, cause when one of them get on it… they could pull the fabric completely around them…

Not a huge deal… The positives are the fact it comes apart easily, with no tools… It uses big screws with a large round handle to tighten and loosen… It is machine washable…

Just don’t make my mistake, and leave it out all summer… I’d bring it in if it’s going to rain, so it doesn’t get all mildewy…

As a final thought… I would have rather had one with the spreader bar for the strings…

Good luck

Actually, spreader bars are unnecessary if you use a hammock the way it’s designed to be used. A lot of people just never learn the right way.

Instead of laying parallel to the hammock (with your head and feet pointed at the respective ends), lay diagonally across the hammock. You should now be comfortable and flat, instead of squashed into a curve with the hammock swallowing you up.

If you’re having problems, there’s a great set of instructions here.

Thanks for that link about the angle! I got mine last year and had the issue of the sides wrapping around me. I left my frame up all year not thinking that it went into that bag. That’s what I get for not looking at the instructions! I did bring in the hammock itself many times especially when it was going to rain. It still looks and feels new. And the frame is fine even sitting out all winter. Looking forward to warmer weather to try this angle trick. Thanks!

Since you’ve had this a year already, i thought you’d be the right person to ask. I am concerned about the chemical smell that most people complained about in some reviews online. Did you have this problem?


I got this last year and was thrilled yesterday when it was finally warm enough to lay in it with my book. I love my hammock. I haven’t had any issues with smell or fading, but mine has been out all winter on a covered porch so it doesn’t get weather but does get aired out. I don’t remember a smell when I got it and if I did, I would have tossed it in the laundry.

For those who have mentioned fading, stop by walmart for a few packs of your favorite color dye and add a color to it again.

Oh Woo~ooot ? Since I usually complain, I thought I would say something positive for a change.

Nice item, reasonable price and it’s something different. I just might bite.

Thanks Woot !

Ooooooooooooh Woooo~oooot ?

You wouldn’t happen to have ONE of these hammocks in the “Double Desert Moon” color, would you ? :smiley:

Mine didn’t smell at all. I was worried about it, but it just smelled like cotton to me.

Does anyone know if/where you can purchase the hammock by itself, without the stand? We’ve had one for a few years now, and the hammock now has several holes in the fabric.

They mention on their actual website and on Amazon that you can swap out to different hammocks by just buying those alone without the stand.


FOUR HOURS AGO I said something nice, and then I asked a question.

I have HEARD NOTHING. Would you be kind enough to respond ?


Probably because it’s a silly question. If they had that color for sale, you’d see it listed!