Double Power Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Double Power Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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Time to learn all about the warranty

Anyone who is more familiar with Bluetooth Audio and/or these devices able to tell me if these speakers can be arranged in a stereo set-up or mono only?

Double power sounds interesting but mine goes to 11…

Crap… Had me excited for a second until I saw it was a wireless bluetooth speaker. I’ve really had my heart set on getting a wired bluetooth speaker, can’t seem to find one anywhere.

I was just curious about very same thing!

Generally no, especially since they also work as microphones. Your phone /computer will pick them up as headsets and you can’t have two active headsets at once.

“3.5mm Auxiliary port for wired connection”

I think you found it…

Can someone who owns one of these talk a little about the sound quality? I have a Monster Clarity, and it’s OK. Looking for something a little better without giving Dr. Dre any $$…

Does anyone know if the AC adapter is actually just a mini/micro usb connector or if it’s a custom plug type?

If this thing doesn’t charge by USB, it’s useless to me, but if it it does. . .this is quite promising.

Nope, power input is a coax connector, 9V DC, 1A

Deal breaker.

I bought this one. I do not recommend it all. Sound quality is horrible. Static, distorted and does not get very loud.

Sounds is actually good on mine. But the battery life is an issue. Played roughly over an hour on a full charge. Is it possible I got a defective unit?