Double Rack Freestanding Closet

How much weight can this hold?

28 lbs. (Per Rod)

Per the vendor: 200lbs.

I’m not 100% SURE but I have one of these I had to call TWO FRIENDS TO ASSIST IN FIGURING OUT how to assemble… There were so many pieces it was maddening… believe they’d have sent molten metal if possible just to further complicate. GOOGLED to see if made by same manufacturer but mine was by “Kennedy Homes” which raised every JFK reference known. They LOOK identical w same description. Result is a rickety piece of junk awaiting big trash day… not going to use as it feels very unsturdy.

I’m not sure if mine is the same brand but I have been really happy with it. I don’t have enough closet space so I have one of these units in my bedroom and it is loaded down with clothes. If I could change one thing it would be to make it taller - some of my clothes hang down and drape on the lower bar which means the hangers snag the clothes sometimes. I didn’t have too much trouble putting it together by myself but it was a little hard to understand, mostly because the pieces weren’t clearly marked. Maybe I just got lucky, but I’m happy with mine and woot’s offer seems like a good price.

Super pleased with this product. There were a lot if pieces, however they were clearly labeled and came with two sets of explicit assembly instructions. Thus far, it’s holding up very well. Worth the price.