Double Waffle Maker

Double Waffle Maker

Beware. The reviews point out that despite commercial in its name, the user manual states it shouldn’t be used for commercial use. Furthermore, the reviews point out that commercial is only in cosmetic appearance, but that it is cheaply made, lightweight and will not last forever like real commercial irons.

Apparently the handle is cheap and prone to breaking, and the entire iron can tip over when you flip the waffle because it’s so lightweight.

Not happy to see Amazon devaluing their Amazon branded items, notably Amazon commercial items!

All that said, i guess I’m not surprised to see it on woot clearance.

And yet it still carries a 4.1 rating overall, and most of the people agree that it makes great waffles. It’s $53.62 on the mothership, so this is a great deal!

Tom Hanks Breakfast GIF