Double Walled Insulated Wine Glasses (8)

True Fabrications Double Wall Insulated Stemless Wine Glass 8-Pack
$24.99 $40.00 38% off List Price


Odd question here: can these be used for warm beverages, like tea?

Dear Woot!,

I’m thinking, what would be neat is, maybe, someday, could ya maybe have wine on wine.woot again?

I know. Crazy talk, huh?

I’m probably bitter because someone jacked my BOC a fraction of a fraction of a second before I got it.

Seriously, how could that even have been possible.

I’m so bummed.

If only I had some wine to make me feel better…

Ummm… This is gift week…

Thursday doesn’t usually have wine explaining none yesterday. There WAS wine on Wednesday.

Yes these can be used for hot beverages too.

I have been considering six Bodum tumblers for $40 shipped over at Crate and Barrel:

There was a 15% coupon recently, but it is no longer valid. I think Discover is offering 10% cash back from Crate & Barrel.

I’ve heard the Bodum name a lot, and people seem pleased with their products. I am curious how they compare to these glasses.

Sooo…long time Wooter, first time caller…

I’ve had a Bodum set for a couple years now and I use em for wine, mixed drinks, beer,martinis, milk, coffee…well everything. It’s the only glass I use, ever. They’re light and they keep the drink at its temp while it helps keep your hand it’s own temp as well.

Relatively speaking, this is a nice deal. My question is, unless I’m missing it, how many ounces?!

“Can hold up to 12 ounces”

I was ALMOST in for 3 but the TIPPY killed it, guess better luck if they widen the bottoms.

Wondering the same. :slight_smile: Would like to use these as hot coffee “mugs”, but a little hesitant being that they are labeled wine glasses.

Woot! Staff…can you help us with an answer?!?


Until this sale, I’ve never seen double-walled glasses advertised as being for wine. Here in Australia they are mostly advertised as being for coffee and tea.

Gonna go ahead and take the plunge. Thanks for the response! :slight_smile:

I have two of the Bodum 8 oz. mugs which work perfectly for hot liquid. Only difference in description is that they’re labeled as “thermo”.

Thanks, again! :slight_smile:

Well, the lead image for this offering does have a tipped over glass! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, only wine, nothing else.

I bought a set of much more expensive but similar glasses from Woot Home a little while ago. They have broader bases, are dishwashable, and I love them, but they were $10 a glass, not $3.

Even the Mothership has some very similar (they look identical) “wine enthusiast” glasses for $10/glass:

Amazon glasses

Those are apparently fine for hot liquids, although several users report that the glasses are not leakproof, with the contents sometimes leaking into the space between the glasses. I’d also be concerned by the lack of dishwashing, which is both inconvenient and suggests a problem with high temperature water.

All in all, I’m really happy with the other double-walled glasses I bought from Woot. If those come up again I’ll get more, but I’ll pass on these.

From the company’s website:
True Fabrications Wine Glasses
Page lists them as designed for red and white wines.

Amazon has them sold singly at a high price of each at around $11.60:

True Fabrications Wine Glasses on Amazon

Only one review among all sites I found, none mentioned using it for hot products.

I bought similar glasses on woot a while back - not wine glasses but normal drinking glasses - double walled. They do work great. They are plastic but look just like glass and sound like glass when you clink them together. They don’t fade with time - mine still look crystal clear - just like glass. They keep your drink at temp. My wife loves them because she can sit on the back porch in the humid summer with a cold ice drink and the glass does not condensate at all. And the drink stays ice cold, the ice won’t melt fast. Just don’t put them in the dishwasher - the vacuum inside the wall will expand and blow a hole and then suck in water. You’ll have to throw it away. I originally had four, but now I’m down to two after making the same mistake twice. Now I’m waiting for another woot sale - for the normal glasses.

I have various sizes of the Bodum glasses and use them for everything - coffee, tea, wine, espresso, Bloody Mary’s, you name it. They are NOT tippy (at least the ones I have are great). Would try these if I didn’t have so many already. Love them in the summer and winter (no drink marks on furniture). I hand wash them and they still look beautiful.

These are blinking.

Has anyone tried them in a dishwasher anyway? Hand wash only is a nono, I’m too damn lazy. :slight_smile: