Double Walled Insulated Wine Glasses (8)

The bodums are made of borosilicate glass and are dishwasher safe which may explain the price difference. Not sure about these. BTW, I caved and bought a set of these anyway - great price for 8 and you don’t warm your wine with your hands.

I know it says that but does anyone actually have these? I have the 12 oz version from Bodum and they really hold 10 ounces.
And after 2.5 years, only 3 Bodums are left (was able to drop from chest height onto hardwood floor first year, then year 2 they start get delicate and I switched to regular mugs).

i thought the comment that the glasses tip over easy referred to another brand, not these particular glasses?

I’m trying to “add to my cart”, from my phone, but every time I click on that it takes forever to load and keeps directing me to an error page. I also abandoned the mobile site and went to the full site… The same thing happened. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem… broken shopping cart. Somehow I managed to add these glasses to my cart, but I can’t add any Plus offer items to my cart. They time out.

I’m trying to buy a couple sets of the sellout woot blanket and 2 pillows but every time I try to add one to my cart, I get sent to an error page. Grrrr!
Also, same things happening when I try to buy the wine woot wine glasses. I’ve spent an hour on this now… I can’t get woot support anywhere

Same trouble as everyone else. Would love to by a couple sets of these glasses…

I ordered some with other items, it says I’m in the waiting list to check to see what other orders are pending and if I’m able to pick them up or not.

What’s going on here??? Why won’t it let me order these? I click add to cart and it just spins, nothing happens. I tried Woot Support and it just comes back with an error too, every time. I have been patient, trying for over an hour but there isn’t much time left. Did Woot crash?

Wine can have that effect, I guess.

I don’t own this set, but given they’re made of very thin glass, they will not handle temperature changes very well. Be very careful about pouring hot/cold beverages into them. Pouring boiling hot tea directly into it is asking for trouble. Start by gently warming/cooling the glass under warm/cold tap water, and don’t scoop ice with them. Do not microwave. Once warmed up, these should accept hot liquids just fine. The handwashing requirement is probably about water getting forced in between the layers of glass when using a dishwasher, although I can tell you from experience pouring cold liquid into a thin glass just out of the hot dishwasher WILL shatter it.

Try checking out again, things seem to be working again.

I found these on Sears’ website, they mention keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. I think you should be ok with hot beverages. I personally have some double-walled glassware, and I love them for hot/cold drinks because it keeps the temperature away from my hands.

Seems to be working now, but inventory might be out of stock now…

There’s that, too. :slight_smile: But now there’s chocolate!

Chocolate fixes everything.

Has anyone seen these arrive yet or even get a shipping confirmation?

Standard shipping is 3-5 business days from the sale. If you don’t see any tracking info produced by Tuesday, December 17th, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at and let them know.

Literally the longest shipping window of all wootdom. Mine has been in “shipping initiated but not actually shipped” for 6 days. What up woot?

Mine also has a tracking but hasn’t gone anywhere. I think this is the longest I’ve ever waited for something to ship.