Douglas Fir Christmas Trees

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Douglas Fir Christmas Trees
Price: $42.99 - 52.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Dec 03 to Monday, Dec 08) + transit
Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
11/8/2014 - $42.99 - 59.99

Comments from a previous sale

I like that the picture for the 7 foot tree appears to be an edit of the 6 foot tree, zoomed and with a few branches moved and holes added. Little blurry from the zoom.

Not much was said about the tree in the linked previous sale. Any previous buyers have input?

I agree. The trees in the photos have way too similar a profile to be different trees.

What, no nine foot trees?
A seven foot tree looks ridiculous in a house with 11 foot ceilings.

I was honestly looking for a smaller one… 4 foot maybe… don’t have the room we used to have.

I set mine up recently from the last sale. For $50 it’s a good deal, looks good once you spread the branches out. Seems like it will last for years.

We could use a new tree this year and I honestly fell in love with the 7 foot model. It’s quite beautiful, with a more than reasonable price and would look lovely in our house. But something looked very suspect about that 30 day warranty!

I went back to re-read the copy and to look closely at the pictures and am guessing that the stand is this tree’s achilles heel. It seems to have a smallish footprint and maybe unable to keep this tree upright after it’s loaded with lights and decorations. I may be wrong but this is my reason for passing this deal up. A 30 day warranty does this product no favors.

9 foot is nothing,my daughter had a 21 foot real tree last year !
Now that’s a tree!:wink:

Our family had one of these. Made out of good deeply-mined aluminum.

For anyone that puts their tree in a corner like I do. I recommend looking into a revolving stand. They tend to have a much bigger footprint and are more stable. In addition, It lets you decorate and view 360 degrees of the tree. If the tree is larger it looks even better because when you look at the tree with lights on steady, as it rotates and some branches temporarily block the lights from view it gives off a twinkling effect.

I do agree with you though on the short warranty being odd. I lucked out the tree company I got mine from turned out to be 20 miles from home.

A revolving stand you say? Well, if you add lights to your tree as many people do, a revolving stand is incompatible with lights. I guess a system can be engineered so that the plug which feeds the lights remains in one position, but that’s not easy and will certainly cost more money. Besides, one does not want to be too complex with a tree full of electric lights. If you leave your tree lights on and go out shoping during the holiday, you want to be sure your house is still standing when you return.

Does it have the fake-looking flat-papery needles you see on garlands, or are they actually needle-like?

Most (hopefully all?) motorized revolving stand use slip rings to allow you to plug directly into the revolving part of the base. It’s kind of cool.