Dove Shower Gel Body Wash with Pump, 4-Pack

Dove Shower Gel Body Wash with Pump, 4-Pack

The pictured bottles are 34ozs however the description says 27ozs. Has anyone purchased these?

What the other wooter said!

34 oz = great deal.

27 oz = not so much.


$5 “SAVES” code mentioned in the description doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried lower case, all caps, etc.

[MOD: Please use SAVE5 with a five, not an ‘s’]

SAVES coupon code didn’t work for me either.

While I haven’t purchased these directly from Woot/Amazon, I do get the Dove body wash pumps at Kroger & Walmart - they are 34oz. I have never seen a 27oz Dove body wash product. There is a 22oz flip-top bottle.

The 34oz are regularly $9.97 at local Walmart so 4 for $30 (or $25 if you use the save5 code) is an excellent deal – IF you don’t mind getting “random/no duplicates”. I only like one specific scent/formula so this deal is not for me.

Please note - the code is save5, not saves (numeral 5 on the end, not a letter S). The typeface used on the site is not great for this distinction. You can copy the text from the listing page and paste it into a text editor to change the font to see this is the case.

Below is the same text pasted into the comment system’s ‘preformatted text’ tool which colors numbers differently from letters.


SAVE $5: Use code SAVE5 at checkout for an extra $5 on this item. Limit one use per customer. Valid through 6/25/22.

Hi everyone! I have confirmed that these are 34 oz bottles. @ramsespride @Wooter721894980 @kansel


Thanks !

What are the possible scents??

I ordered these and they are 32oz each.

They are not the scents pictured but still a good deal.