Down Alternative Reversible Comforter-3 Sizes

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Down Alternative Reversible Comforter-3 Sizes
Price: $17.99 - 24.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Sep 02 to Monday, Sep 07) + transit
Condition: New


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slightly cheaper than Amazon.

Pricing on Amazon:
Twin: 24.99 to 28.60
Queen: 27.99 (38.42 for Oatmeal/Dusty Blue)
King: 29.99

So, with Prime I pay the same, but have it in two days instead of two weeks? Hmm…

Plus, Amazon has more colors…the color I want, actually…

Normally I would use Prime for this, however, went to Wally’s the other day and they have same quality comforters packed into 6 and 8 piece sets for $29 and $39 for all sizes. Even less for just a comforter $19. They have prints and solids and they are returnable.

Since I am paying tax now from woot/A (yeah, feel sorry for me, I know), these deals are even less of a deal. No reason to leap before I Google.

Looks very thin- can’t be all that warm. On another note, why is Woot the only store in the world without customer support- no phone number, no online support? Weird.

I bought one (Oatmeal/Dusty Blue) a few months back. What the photos do not show is a very shiny material that you get. It’s almost like a sateen fabric (in reflection and feel). Had I noticed this in a store, I would have passed.

It does have a nice substantial weight and the colors work well with my guest room. I haven’t had it long enough to have someone use it (ironically that will be next weekend) so I can not speak about it’s durability or comfort.

Because of the shiny appearance alone, I would not buy it again.

How warm is it on a scale factor?

How warm do you want to be?

I’ve found it keeps me decently warm, but I also sleep pretty warm. I’ve managed to put it back on my bed in August in Phoenix (I have no idea why) and end up kicking it off of me within an hour because I’m too hot. I’ve never been cold when I use this during winter, however that was before I washed it.

I recently washed my first one and the insulator has shifted around in the panels inside. It may just be on the edges that it fell apart, but there are some thin spots now where it’s just the outside fabric and some thicker spots where the insulation has doubled over.

I’m still very happy with this comforter, but now that I have two and only one bed, I don’t really see myself buying a third just for giggles.

Actually, Woot! customer service is quite good. Find it here:

Trying to order, but you do not ship to Canada???

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally. Please check the Woot Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

I bought this comforter when they had it last - can’t remember when - 6 months, 10 months. I only know that I love this soooo much. It is almost too warm at times but yet so light and colors (I got brown and mauve and the colors are gorgeous. Am buying one now for my college age granddaughter. You can’t go wrong!

very warm!!!

Delivery time is crazy…original delivery date was 9/3…when 9/3 arrived…tracking changed to delivery date of 9/10…What gives???

Not very often do I get burned by Woot. This is one of those times. Cheapest looking and made poorly. It looks like it should have been a sleeping bag but without the zipper. The dogs love it though.

We LOVE the two comforters we received, but there’s a problem. I was supposed to order the king size comforter in atmosphere and some other color. My wife is going to strangle me. How can I get this king size comforter? Please - my LIFE is at stake here!