Down Alternative Reversible Comforter-3 Sizes

Comments from a previous offer

Imported from where? This info should be on the item.

How is it rated for warmth? Is it like a light blanket or does it hold in warmth like a good down comforter?

I want to buy 3, BUT I can’t figure out the colors because the words used for colors aren’t translating into colors. What are the color choices?

If you hover over the images to the right it will tell you the name so you can link it with the option from the drop down menu.

If you add the $5 shipping, it’s the same price as on Amazon

Yes, but I think this one is better because it’s been refurbished by Dyson. just like everything else on Woot.

“Imported” from China.

I really like it. It’s warm enough for cold nights, but versatile enough to use in warmer weather. I bought another one.