Down Alternative Reversible Comforter-3 Sizes

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Down Alternative Reversible Comforter-3 Sizes
Price: $17.99 - 24.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Jul 13 to Monday, Jul 18) + transit
Condition: New


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Wootazon4 liked them so much, he wanted to order another one Here. Wonder if he ever got one.

I bought one of these on a past Woot. It has proven to be very worthwhile. Nice and warm, for - you know - when you want that sort of thing. May well have to buy another just to have on hand.

We bought one of these January 31, 2015 and are very pleased. We paid slightly more ($24.99). It is sufficiently warm for our climate and stands up well the the aging cat who spends time on it.

Been looking for something reasonably priced and machine washable for the bed in the new RV… in for 3

Bought one of these a while back. Been a good purchase, however the sizing is a little on the small side. Will order King instead of Queen next time.

I am needing a comforter for my elderly parents bed. My mom has a few “accidents” and the blanket or quilt they use during the summer is a pain to wash since it is ginormous!
I have to take them to the laundromat and use the big washers and it’s quite time consuming.

My question is, are these machine washable at home (king size) or do I need to take them to launder at the laundromat? They have a down comforter now they use during the fall/winter and I am quite frankly tired of the expense of dry cleaning it.

Any help is most appreciated!

Thanks Woot! In MN you are never too far from winter. Plus, washable is a must with cats in the house.

Don’t suppose Woot could get a programmer to hook up the displays to the selections could you? What a PITA those color names are.

I heartily endorse this post! What the heck colors are Adamantium and Ludicrous (or whatever they are)?! I can kinda figure out “Wheat”, but even if I scroll from pic to pic, as I also scroll through made-up-word-color to even-more-insane-word-color, I can’t get them to match up.

p.s. . . Why don’t you offer the Highland Quake / Temporal Loft color option? That’s my fave.

Yeah, that’s on our wish list.

The photos are in the same order as the drop down list.

Thought I’d be all uber tech savvy, and wiki “Anemone”. . .

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot