Down Alternative Reversible Comforter-3 Sizes

What brand is this?

Buyer confirms: Amrapur/Pacific Coast Textiles

These feel good, had them sent through e-mail the delivery was quick. Had little trouble pulling them out of my e-mail, blew up just fine when I threw the pack on my bed.

does this come with the pillow cases too?

No, just the comforter.

Have one – really like it; highly recommended. Bought another, along with some other items, but woot just refunded me since I guess they ran out of the color before fulfilling my order. I’d reorder another here that’s a different color, but I’d have to pay the shipping again (since that didn’t get refunded as I bought other items). Maybe in the future, ask if I’d like a different color before jumping straight to cancelling my order altogether? sigh

Sorry about that cancellation. After you order, contact CS and explain the situation. They’ll likely take off the shipping.

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