Down Alternative Reversible Comforter

Very pleased with the comfort and quality of this comforter. Warm and cozy for Michigan winters, but not heavy. My cats also love it.

any one knows the shipping weight of this?

Per the vendor: Twin – 3.5 lbs
Queen – 4.5 lbs
King – 5.7 lbs

I just got mine a few minutes ago… I feel like the price I payed was msrp theses are not worth $20 extreamly disappointed. Really woot? Are we just slapping high msrp’s on things to look like a good value? Don’t give me that bs response some one had to know this was garbage

I’m sorry you’re unhappy with them. We’ve had quite a few wooters post in the past about how much they like them.

I am very pleased with mine, good value!

Getting ready to order my 5th one of these… Absolutely love them, great value, perfect weight, and they make great gifts!

Yep! I just now ordered my 3rd. LOVE them!

Great comforter - washes well and is super warm. It’s soft and comfortable (we don’t use a duvet) and keeps me warm but not to hot. Purchasing a second one because the price is so great.

Do these have tabs to attach to the duvet cover?

Sorry, no.

What is the alternative to down used? Is it a feather type still, something soft and breathable or cheap polyfill batting? Also is this the same maker as the white “down alternative” one listed here at 19.99? very very disappointed with that one, it went straight into the donate box and I have doubts about woot now, however the price is worth considering and asking the questions, I spose. My daughter needs one, hopefully someone has the answers.Thanks for any responses. P.s. I’m not a fussy person and I know my opinion sounds contrived, but I am single and on a strict budget. I just hope to find a good deal and that white one was low end kmart. I trusted this place due to the affiliation to amazon, who I have always been happy with, and haven’t felt I was tricked by a msrp price. Nervous is all, and hoping the last comforter was a fluke mistake. This time of year, mistakes are very costly to me.

Just wait until you use it, it is wonderful. Warm enough for a very cold night but doesn’t get too hot. I can’t imagine what your opinion is based upon, but the longer I have this the more I like it. Try it.

Is Antracite color basically Black as it looks like such in this photo. My research says it’s more of a gray color. Can any owner of this comment back. Thanks.

Love, love, love, this comforter. So sad, to see if gone from this site now after seeing it on here for weeks. Why? I want another!!!