Down Alternative Reversible Comforter

Why don’t you label the colors, so we know what we are ordering? I have passed many times, including today, because it is not clear what color is what.

The photos have color labels along the bottom.

I ordered three when it was offered at $17.99 each. Total $64.19 (inc $5 shipping). Received notice from Woot that order would come in one package. Package came and it was ONE comforter. Called to find out what happened. Was told it was sold out. Then I found this at $2 more per comforter! I am to be issued refund for two plus coupon for $5. Why wasn’t I sent an email saying that Woot was out? Why wasn’t I issued a refund without me calling for it? This smacks of bait-and-switch! I am a new customer and I doubt I’ll be back.

Oh no! That’s terrible. I’m going to look into this situation. And update you with what I find out.

I’m really sorry about all the mess and confusion. I’ve confirmed that your account has been credited the refund amount. I’m still not sure why your comforters didn’t arrive, but I’m going to look into that as well.

Not on the woot app, but i think the pictures follow the drop down select a color box.

If you click on the photo, it takes you to the photo gallery. The captions are shown there.

This was my first purchase from woot. This comforter comes cheap but I really didn’t like the nylon/synthetic feeling of it. I like cotton, linen better. I am probably going to use this with a flat sheet.