Down Alternative Reversible Comforter

Love these. Have several. Got kings and folded them to line the dog crates. Also tossed one in the back of the vehicle for the dogs. Easy to wash, no drama if it gets trashed by a 100# burrowing labrador, and keeps the car clean.
Oh and I have one on the bed too since said labrador sleeps up there as well.
And yeah, they’re warm enough for southwest winter time. Wouldn’t fly up north, but for twenty bucks, it’s a great fake dog bed. :wink:

Got these back in 2015 and they have held up well. Machine washable without unbalancing the machine. Dry fast in the dryer. A great thing to have in MN winters.

I have a couple of these from 8/16 and I’ll say that they’ve survived a hard life. They’re still in use and I’m buying more.

Oddly, I hate polyester sheets, but I love these comforters, as do my dogs. I sense a trend! I livw in Portland, OR, so no huge temperature extremes, but they’re cozy while fluffy enough not to be too hot. I’m in for a other one or 2

I have a few of these. Very light and extremely warm.

Living in ND, where temps spend a good deal of time between 0 and -50F during the winter, this is my go-to comforter. Just brought out the one I bought last year in light of our first snow covering of the season, and glad I did. SO warm, and not overly bulky (unless you get a king sized for a queen sized bed, but that’s just my preference).

Incredible value.

These are wonderful. I bought one from Woot and liked it so much that I bought another from Amazon.

They ARE warm and oh so cozy. I’m in for another one, maybe 2.

I am not buying these now, but I live in the PNW and these work great throughout the year. I have dogs so I did not want to invest in something really spendy, I assumed because of the price they would be cheap but I love them. I have 4 I cycle in and out of weekly.

Bought one of these on Woot. Couple years later bought a similar pleated model off Amazon.

The one from woot is softer. I like them both though but the amazon one I most recently bought was $50.00 so I’m in for two here.

Too bad the color I wanted sold out but I’m using these for computer chair comfort so no biggie.

Any thoughts on how thick/warm these are? Looking for something warm for the camper, but also compressible/packable enough to cram in the closet & not take up the whole darn thing…

These make the Perfect Gift !!! Just don’t forget the pillows :slight_smile:

These work well, originally purchased to ‘get us through’ near the end of winter, it has lasted numerous years. Doesn’t clump up when washed. Pretty even warmth. Will probably buy another, but own 3 already.

I have no problems with the comforters, it’s the colors. Ivory and atmosphere. What in the hell is ATMOSPHERE? Try as they might, atmosphere isn’t a color. Atmosphere, which we call the air, has no color. After looking it up, it’s light to medium taupe gray. Then, say that instead of.
When they offer the comforters in Sunny-fog and cookie-jar, I’m grabbing a dozen of those. Had to point out the stupidity.

I have a couple already, just ordered a third, new colors (rust color). Great value – versatile, comfortable, lightweight, easy to wash – will probably buy more in future!

Ordered a king and received a queen. Going to return.

Ordered a King sized oatmeal/rust colored comforter, arrived in a little package and before I opened it noticed the label states queen sized. Rechecked order and I ordered King… waiting for CS to get back to me, really don’t want to return it if possible, but with being sold out I am betting they don’t have any of the correct size.

Hi there. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I think we may have a larger problem. I’m checking with the team.

I am about done with WOOT, honestly. Picture makes this comforter look 3 inches thick, then I get this thing thats about 1 inch thick. Dog bed I bought last time, looked like shape of a couch, then I get this thing in the shape of a mattress. Me thinks they doctor the pics a little. but it was only 20.00 bucks.

Wrong size on mine too.Keeping it because it’s a PIA to return stuff. Customer service notified.Woot trust level has diminished with this order.