Down alternative reversible comforter

Down alternative reversible comforter

This is not the first time that i thought about buying a item here on woot but when i checked
on Amazon i find the SAME ITEM for sale that is CHEAPER on Amazon than on WOOT! and to top it off its not even on sale or coupon on Amazon? You used to find smoking deals here on Woot and years ago i would daily stay up late just to see the super hot deal each day. Now this is years ago BEFORE it was bought by Amazon. Even after the sale for a while there were still good buys. But as the years have gone on i do not bother to check very often any more as the deals are few and far between and now i have found a few that the prices on Woot are MORE than the normal daily prices on Amazon, Im sure the long time Wooters do there homework before they buy, But if not its your money think before you spend it.

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See, the thing is… we listed this for sale on 12/5. On that date, the price on Amazon was $30+ for Twin. Amazon prices have been coming down. They have cool automated processes to do that. We’re old school and don’t have those magical systems.

So we started out at a great price and ended up higher over a month later.

But hey, ALWAYS do your research and call us out if a price isn’t the best. We’ll adjust if we can or take down the sale if we can’t.