Down Alternative Reversible Comforters

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Down Alternative Reversible Comforters
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Jan 11 to Thursday, Jan 12) + transit
Condition: New


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This is what I waited up for? Ugh

Would it be possible to get the fill weights on the different sizes?

[MOD: These have been added to the sale.]

What were you expecting?

If you hate being cold, this is the comforter for you. It will keep you toasty.

Is the Eclipse color a dark blue? I can’t quite tell if it’s dark blue or purple.

In a true Eclipse, I am not sure you could tell the difference, either.

Looks like a dark blue to me, but I will ask the vendor for clarification.

It’s a very dark blue…I purchased the eclipse and silver and the oatmeal and dusty blue. They’re a bit on the thin side but I like that (not too hot not too cold)and they’re very soft and comfortable. Very good buy for $24.99 w/s/h

Have ordered Blue Coral and Orange Rust, loving both of them.
The material is 100% polyester, duvet inserts measure 88 inches x 88 inches. Ultra-plush with hypo-allergenic barrier bedding protects against dust mites and mildew.

What brand are these?

Original price $209.99? Where and when were they listed at that price???

Does anyone have a photo of the label? I want to know if these are treated with any flame-retardant chemicals.

Also - I noticed the list price has been lowered from $209 to $135 since midnight.

I need something to protect the new sofa I ordered from my cats’ claws and fur. Would using this comforter as a sofa cover work or is it too thick?

We live in Michigan. Winters tend to be long, and we dial down at night. We’ve been thrilled with this comforter. It’s warm, very warm. It’s not too heavy, and the batting stays put and hasn’t lumped into high spots and low spots. We weren’t expecting much when we bought it…just something to get by, and instead it’s worked out great.

There are some reviews and questions and answers on Amazon

I would say that it is too thick. I love these but, my cats have ripped the material with their claws. I don’t clip their claws as often as I should and sometimes the bed is used as a racetrack or a launch pad for a furry rocket.

oops, sorry. different bed, different comforter. Older comforter purchased from Woot.

Seriously! Stop rehashing the same old junk. How many times do you need to try and push the same stuff on us. Some of us have been around long enough to remember what made this site so popular.