Down Comforters

What brand is this? I’d like to look up some reviews!

We often can’t give out the manufacturer’s name because their other retail channels get mad at them over the prices. Our buyers work to get you the best price possible. Sorry, but no name.

If it’s that big of a secret maybe you guys shouldn’t put the manufacturer’s name in the warranty information. In any case, they seem to make bedding for a lot of well known shops and catalogs. It’s ironic that I was just looking at L.L.Bean comforters yesterday…

How is it ironic? I see the list of licensed brands but LL Bean isn’t one of them. Not from the website I went to anyway.

I live in Tucson. Weather is pretty mild but it gets chilly in the winter. Which level comforter would I need for the climate here?

It’s called MAP - Manufacturer’s Advertised Price. If another of the manufacturer’s customers googles and find that we’re selling one of their items at a lower price… well, it’s not pretty and we lose our advantage.

It’s a game but a game we have to play to get y’all good prices.

What is the difference between the levels? Other than price.

I live in a cold state (South Dakota), so I’m not looking for a lightweight comforter.

I found a chart at the bottom of this page.

There may be other sites too. Seems to be a pretty consistent rating.

Look on the left where it says “catalogs.”