Down The Movie Hole!

Tell us about your home theater setup! :slight_smile:

Love how the link to the “Entertainment official site” goes to “Tango & Cash” on imbd. Does someone at Woot like the movie?

I have a 50" 1080p plasma I got from BestBuy a couple of black fridays ago. I have a Xbox 360, PS3, Roku 2 XS and HTPC all running through my Pioneer VSX-1021-k AV receiver which I got from Woot! I am using Energy RC Micro 5.1 speakers which, despite their small size, sound excellent. I control it all currently with either my iphone or an Acoustic Research universal remote with LCD screen I also got here from Woot! I love the remote for the price I paid but it runs through AA batteries to quickly.

Overall I am very pleased with my setup. I am in the process of buying a home that has more square footage in the living area alone than my current apartment total so it is about time to upgrade my tv. That 1080p projector sure would go great in the new living room. Too bad I am still waiting on mortgage approval otherwise I might jump on it.

Will someone please explain to me the difference between using a Roku device that I see here on Woot all the time and just getting a blu-ray player with built-in Netflix/Pandora/etc. for not much more money? Am I missing something about the Roku?

The Blu-Ray player will be able to play Blu-Ray disks, for the obvious one. For the less obvious difference, the Roku is set up in such a way that developers can actually create their own “channels” in order to stream content, giving you a fairly nice selection of additional content to try out other than just Netflix/Hulu/etc. Some of the content is free, while some you have to pay for. Some of the Roku channels are streamed in 3D if you have a television that can support that.

Here’s a list of just some of the channels available, but I believe there are also additional “private” channels that you can find around various parts of the internets in which you simply enter the code given on the website into your Roku device and it installs that channel for you:

I want to add that this is one of the first models of the Roku player. This is actually a good thing in that (I believe) it is the only model which supports S-Video and component cables, along with that fact that it is only one of 2 or 3 models which has a USB port for accessing content from a USB device. It also has an ethernet port, which some of the newer Roku devices do not have. (I think only the highest model of the Roku 2 has an ethernet port.) *EDIT2… I’m wrong about some of this, so here’s a model comparison:

*EDIT: I want to add another benefit of the Roku: It’s TINY. For someone like me who has enough devices on a fairly small TV stand, it’s perfect. Here’s a picture of my setup, with the Roku (mine is a Roku XDS purchased from an earlier woot sale) hanging near the right on the drawer so that you can distinguish it from (what I just realized is) all that black:

I now see Woot is tempting me with a TiVo, though. :frowning: Must resist.

If the Roku was priced the same or much closer to the last time they had the same model I would be in for three (3). :frowning:

Last time the Roku HD-XR was only $50, and I’m on a spree to collect them. I really appreciate that Woot re-listed this specific model, but the price is too high for my liking.

I am in for three, but not at $70 ($69.99).

Optoma HD33 3D HD Projector on a 150" DaLite HD screen with 1000 watt Onkyo 7.1 receiver and Klipsh in wall/ceiling speakers. ISF certified set up = amazing home entertainment experience.

Love Tango and Cash. What an awesome classic. Without which the majority of the 90s population would have never learned the term FUBARed! LOL!

Maybe they’ll fix it… I pointed out a price difference with the keyboard on the last woot plus and turned out to be an error.

Anybody able to buy the Optima HD180 projector? The big yellow button just sits there when I press it and nothing happens. I guess Woot doesn’t want my money…

I have a television. In anticipation of the Olympics, I bought an antenna that provides crystal-clear reception for NBC, five religiously-oriented stations, and nothing else. Unfortunately, there seems to be a dog blocking my view of the television - and no matter how I rearrange my home theater set-up, the dog always reappears in exactly the same spot, blocking my view!

Roku HD-XR priced $20 more it was before. I thought Woot prices are going down overtime not up.
Are you trying to gouge us… uh Woot?

The buy button on the 1080p projector doesnt work! WTF?

I guess that’s why they’re still available. Almost no links on the page work. The alternate pictures don’t do anything either. Nobody has addressed this since last night!

Anybody have any idea what the extended warranty costs and if it covers the lamp… that’s assuming that there is some way to purchase the Optima 1080p.

The HD180 is about $1076 NEW at Amazon and the HD20 is $819. The only difference that I can see from the specs is that the HD20 has a higher contrast ratio… Any suggestions on which to buy? I was leaning toward the more expensive model to get a “better deal” but the cheaper one actually seems a bit better based on the specs…

Comments are appreciated!

I’ll leave this here for those interested

Here Are Links To Buy The Projectors



I Cheated A Little, Enjoy

Greetings. Thank you for pointing this out. While I think we’ll all agree that prices do sometimes increase, this time they did not. The people-in-the-know looked through the records, juggled the numbers, had an intense meeting (5 minutes is intense, right?) and it was decided that the correct price for the Roku HD-XR is $50.

If you ordered before this price change, you will be refunded the difference. You should receive an email from customer service within a couple days.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Now, go buy 3. Oh, and buy Green shirts in the Monkey Games sale. Green. Remember, GREEN.