Downton Abbey Chardonnay (6)

Re-posting my previous tasting notes for this 2013 Downton Abbey Chardonnay.

Fairly aromatic – very obviously chardonnay – with notes of canned peaches and melons.

I’d call this off-dry. A bit of sweetness, but not really a deal breaker (as someone who primarily drinks dry reds, I guess I’m a bit sensitive to sweetness). I’d call this medium-bodied, and round for a chardonnay with smooth acidity. Fairly balanced despite the perceived sweetness. I got flavors of honey and maybe grapefruit, with a medium (4-5 second) finish.

Overall I’d say this is a good example of your basic oaked California chardonnay. If you’re a fan of chardonnay, you’ll like this wine. Probably would pair well with a creamy chicken dish. If you’re really an experienced wine drinker you probably wouldn’t be overly excited by this wine. But if you were to serve this to a group you would be perfectly OK.