Dozop Self-Contained Compact Dolly

Dozop Self-Contained Compact Dolly

I thought this was a family site?



dozop really - what is that name - I dozopn’t need it?

Shush you – the kids are listening

they named it fancy for sharktank?

I like the skate-wheels. Not sure about their strength and load-limit profiles, but they should be good for quite awhile.

a collapsble skateboard? YES

I can read!

Cart can accommodate loads up to 250 pounds!

and just how did you think families happen in the first place??


idk - it’d be tough to fake illiteracy with your job but it is possible :smiley:

Text to voice programs. Enabling the dumb for years

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voice to text has gotten some pretty good laughs from me at times

Snagged one of these. First time today I had time to join Woot-Off. Darn work :weary:.