Dr. Blue

I’m blue bada-bee ba-da-be ba-da be

It is only natural that TARDIS has to be yellow!

I wonder if he’s going to a party…

I guess you’re glad to see me?

Best bizarre banana shirt ever.

I think it needs a monkey

Of course! I always get invited to parties in phone Bluths!.. Er, I mean, Funke bananas… Wow, now I just sound re-tardis-ed.

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring… bananaphone!

hahaha, I’m going bananas with this!

I’m afraid I just blue myself

OMG! The Doctor’s been arrested!


there’s always money in the banana stand

I think the space-time continuum is about to get a little bananas.

I don’t get what is so appealing about this shirt.

I don’t get it either, because I never watched Arrested Development, but I think some people did. Leave this shirt for them.

This shirt is banananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I see what you did there.

It’s bigger on the inside…

{drops mic and leaves the room}

For non AD watchers, the character in question, combined the titles of Analyst and Therapist to come up with the original dicipline above.

Now don’t you wish you watched it now?