Dr Infrared Heater 1500W Dual Heater & Humidifier

The heat is on. Is this a George Clooney Batman reference?

I have been doing research on these ceramic heaters and the results are not good. These heaters are money suckers. I live in the Midwest and natural gas is our heat source. My gas provider (which is out of Texas) are crooks so I’m looking for a good alternative heating. These ceramic heaters are not the answer.

My Woot-bought unit died after one season. The electronics failed.

There is so much misinformation about heaters, it is pathetic.

I still keep hearing that certain heaters “only heat people, not things.”

If I told you that I had a bonfire that only heated people, you’d think I was nuts.

Critical thinking is in short supply.

All heaters have a max output of 1500 watts by law. The question is how well they get the heat out into the room.

But all the Chinese so-called “Amish heaters” are really smoke and mirrors.