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I’ve scoured the Dr. Infrared website and can’t proof of any sort of PhD so buy at your own risk.

I have one infrared heater and love it. I’m looking to buy a 2nd one for my bedroom.

(also cat approved)

Let’s watch a video [youtube=EPXOzUb7JBs][/youtube]

Let’s check out the product page


Some solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com

You’d think he’d find a better frame for his freeze frame. And it’s pretty interesting to review an item and never show it.

Few points…

For these units BTUs are a direct conversion from watts so it’s only heating as much as any other 1500w heater (yes even the $9.99 wal-mart seasonal special or your blow dryer). How it circulates the air/sends the heat out might be different and preferable for some.

These cost about $30 per unit a month running them a significant amount of time. They are energy efficient if you only need to heat < 20% of your homes sq footage from what I remember calculating in the past.

Otherwise natural gas/heat pumps seem to be more cost effective.

I don’t see where this is listed as new or respiffed.

On one hand, it talks about how it uses infrared heating to only heat the objects in the room, for high efficiency. Sounds great!

On the other hand, it has a blower, and its internal thermostat is obviously sampling the air temp to regulate things.

Those sound contradictory to me. So really it’s just a heater with a fan?

I bought a 3-element infrared one (link below) on Wayfair.com yesterday. $79 including shipping… No tax charged and with them, you get 3% cash back for a future purchase. I’ve used them a lot with no problems and they ship quickly. Hopefully, the heater I get will be a good one. Says it heats up to 1,000 square feet too. I believe the heater offered on Woot! is a 2-element heater (mine, 3) but a little quieter than mine will be (39 dB vs. 46)… shouldn’t make much difference though.


It’s NEW. It’s been added to the sale.

Woot is going to let the poor people in Alaska freeze…

Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and APO addresses is not available for this item

I think this is due to its dual system. I’m guessing the +PTC part means a PTC ceramic heating element, which are just like any other heating element (it creates heat that then needs to be dispersed).

Edit: Nevermind I guess they make PTC ceramic infrared “bulbs” too.

Tried one of these last winter. If does not heat a room anywhere near as well as the claim, but for smaller rooms it does ok. Not really worth the cost in my opinion.

Yes, it’s a temperature controlled heater with a fan.

The following is true for most digital temperature controlled heaters:
The sensor is in the back, behind the input filter. Having the sensor in the air input stream makes sense.

But, many people put these heaters against a wall and on the floor. It’s colder on the floor. And, walls have a huge thermal mass. So, the room may be warm, but the wall and the floor can still be cold.

The air going into these units looses heat (gets colder) from the wall and the floor.

Therefore, these types of units are good for keeping a room at a set temperature always. But, they are not that good for heating up rooms to a temperature.

Of course, if the units are put safely on a living room table, then the heater is able to get a good sense of the room temperature, and the heaters work very well at controlling the room temperature. :slight_smile:

Of course, again, a person has to know how each model does temperature control.

As for the Dr Heater, I found the user manual online:


I have a similar type that I bought from ebay.

One thing some people may want to watch for is if you can set the temp and also set a low or high output setting. Many heaters of this type don’t allow that ability.

From the manual:

*The desired temperature will set and execute after the LED display stops flashing and displays the room temperature again. This is your ideal
setting. The heater will keep LOW heating output when room
temperature is 1 degree lower and 2 degrees higher than the set temperature in order to keep the space warm enough. The heater will turn OFF when the room temperature is 3 degrees higher than the set temperature, and will start
automatically when the room
temperature drops below 2 degrees than the set temperature.
For example: If your ideal setting is 72F, the heater will keep LOW heating output in 71F to 74F, and will
turn OFF in 75F. *

I hope the above helps.

Well, not JUST a heater with a fun… a heater with a fan inside a nice wooden box!

It looks like my Vaporizor um incense burner i bought from China

“nice” is subjective.
“wooden” is a weasel word.
“box”… yeah, it is a cube.

Is the box made out of walnut or cherry or even oak? Highly doubtful. They don’t mention what type of “wooden” is used. In fact, the description doesn’t mention “wood” or even “wooden”. … niiiice.

I bought one last year and love this heater! Works perfectly in my cold bedroom above the garage.