Dr. Jacob's Natural Soap Variety, 8-Pack

Dr. Jacob's Natural Soap Variety, 8-Pack

i like fancy soaps, but not ones made of palm oil or it’s derivatives. especially when they advertise that the soap is palm oil free (sodium palmate is a palm oil derivative and is their first ingredient):

palm oil and it’s derivatives are in nearly everything and it is one of the most destructive practices for the environment and orangutans:

even “sustainably sourced palm oil” is usually not and very hard to prove. best to avoid. not buying this round.


thanks for the note educating others. yes, palm oil appears in everything; I saw plantain chips at sprouts the other day with just 2 ingredients “plantain, palm oil”… did not know it was bad from environmental perspective (as with health), and that sodium palmate is a derivative.

any recommendations on good soaps you came across?