Dr. Mus musculus

Congrats on your first print, W!

Nice pick, Woot!!

Congrats Wences!

Does this shirt come with a bottle of wine?

Really like the colors, a soft brightness that keeps the scene from feeling flat.

Yay! So happy to buy a Walmazan Tee!!! Congrats!!
Now wouldn’t it be awesome if “Push to the limit” wins 3rd tomorrow…:slight_smile:

Love the shirt. The write-up is funny, but why is it about lab rats? This is obviously a lab mouse (mus musculus).

Ummm this is far from wences first print…

Read the bio. I was just echoing their dumb joke. :wink:

What a time-saver! Self-testing lab mice. Next step: self-launching rocket monkeys!

Tsk tsk. He’s got his lab coat on but where are his gloves and eye protection?

No actually, this shirt tells the world: “Rats!”

Awesome, it’s a Wal-mouse-zan print!

drum riff

Congrats Wences!

Yay! I love this design. Congrats, Wences!

I can’t help it. Every time I see a white lab mouse, the Pinkie and the Brain theme starts running through my head…

Here you go.

Yay! Thanks so much woot for the print! and thanks everyone for all your support!

Eh, it’s not that dumb. I mean, the bio on this shirt is ABSOLUTELY accurate!

Note that Walmazan has another shirt up right now - Fresh Cake (remix) in the Purplepalooza side sale.


(I soooo need to update this stack too …)

Of course, you know I had to get one of these!!! Walmazan + rodents = instant buy!

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Gar - I would order this, but am bristling at the title “Dr. Mus musculus” - isn’t the joke that it is a lab rat (as the write up would suggest) - it’s certainly more funny than a lab mouse joke!

Rename it Dr. Rattus norvegicus and I’ll buy three! Yeah, yeah, I know - what does it matter? But still…