Dragon Nebula

I have to say, I’m really sad celestial fire didn’t make the cut. Looked great.

Love it!

Draco never looked so alive!

Great Artwork!

Very nice Celestial Dragoon.

The story was a surprisingly riveting read about a post-apocalyptic scenario. It’s an optimistic opinion on the behavior of people in the end of days.

congrats, deuce. it’s a cool dragon.

Very impressive design. Definitely buying one.

Real happy to see this print. Thanks for the great shirt kdeuce.

And to think, we only have 4 million years until this… wait. What’s that? 4 BILLION years? Oh, nevermind.

It’s both cool and creepy. Kinda reminds me of why I prefer daytime hours. The night sky can be a spooky place.

Check out my new shirt! My guts are made of dragon dust!

The Pillars of Creation? Would that be a reference to Legacy of Kain?

If this is the way the world ends…beautiful

I love the design, but that text is just awesome. 10/10 for great SiFi short story. The combination got me to buying my first shirt.

But as an international customer, may I suggest that you put up a measurements table in metric system?

This should be one of the symbols of the Chinese zodiac. Everything is better with space animals.

looks sick, in for one!

thanks for all the votes!

As a Chinese…definitely I’m in!