Dragon Speech Recognition Software

YEEESSS! First ever Box of Candy

Still can’t find the numbers here :\

You… You’re the one that took it from me! I had the Biscuit of Cheesiness IN MY CART. I WAS TOO SLOW. NUUuuuuuuuuuu.

Congrats. :smiley:

What numbers did they use? I thought I had it but nothing worked.

Not a bad price by any means. My son has a learning disability and I got the Premium version of this to help him get his thoughts down on paper.

For me, it works great because I can speak an entire sentence or two and it uses the “context” of what I’m saying to figure out anything it doesn’t quite “understand.” However, with my son, he speaks in sentence fragments with pauses between the pieces. For him, Dragon barfs and writes jibberish at times. Keep this limitation in mind if you are getting it to help out someone with less than clear speech.

It’s well worth playing with for this price.

I didn’t give it much effort…kind of curious to see what the real numbers were as well :slight_smile:

Seriously, is this the amazon lightning deal reject suppository?

So what was the winning number?!

6 Different Stooges
5 Marx Brothers
3 Books

is it not 2*5^1

Same… I see 6 stooges, 5 brothers, 1 book by Lee.

(5*6)^1 = 30… 30 did not work (neither did almost every other number within two of both 5 and 6).

ME TOOoooooo… :frowning:

And here I thought Dragons were extinct…

vague question. Only one book was published… There were also 8 total people billed as stooges…weaksauce

On top of that, when I read the Stooges bit again I realized that it COULD be referring to stooges that were in every single lineup (which would have been one).

Agreed. Our son has high-function Asperger’s and this really helped him getting through school, and this year he graduated MCL. Definitely worth the full price, and a steal at the woot price.

I could not find but one book by Lee, found 8 Stooges, and 5 Marx.

What were Harper Lee’s other two books other than To Kill A Mockingbird?

Doesn’t Harper lee only have 1 book??