Dragonly Love

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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Says navy. Looks black.

This one looks great congrats

Very Cute, just not me. Love the idea though.

Good color contrast, I guess. Like the rest of the shirts this week, it’s a little too 1st-grader for me though.

Congrats anyway!

Again with a cutesy shirt…What’s up with this week?

sorry, too cartoony for me. perhaps if the dragons looked a bit more realistic and less like i just drew it on paint.

Good for kids. Looks like a coloring book to me.

über cute…sigh

definitely a good one from the Motherhood derby!

it’s cute and all, but color prints usually dont look good on navy imo

INFER1! Goodnight!

Nice, but the joke (the knight) is too small to distinguish.

I guess all you people born post-1985 didn’t get the Psycho reference in Momma’s Boy.

look at that…a tshirt fit perfectly for a 7 year old takes first yet again. really quite astonishing.

Haha, I like this one but I’ve got too many black tshirts that I don’t wear anymore - mostly because I don’t like black tshirts anymore.

yeah…I was kinda questioning the single-toed drgaon…?

cartoony does kinda fit, but maybe this one takes it juuust a little bit too far

I think this will score well with wannabe parents or if you have a kid at home or if you want to think you are one (which is not a bad thing). OK, I just convinced me that I want one. Nite all!!

i like this shirt, and i hope the people falling off the bridge gets made, it was getting insane votes last couple days

…black? the shirt is has quite the green overtone, and the background seems to follow suit, or at least through my screen it does

…maybe turn up the brightness a tad?

Nothing really did it for me this week, but this would definitely be a cute shirt for the Ren Faire :slight_smile: