Beware the Zombie Mustache !!..

Super Mario Brothers the Movie would have been much better if done by George Romero.

I too love zombies and mario, but this is the worst woot shirt yet.

I think this is absolutely hilarious!!

a most excellent description

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sumthing to buy!!!

I feel the artist really captured the shamble of the undead.

I don’t mean to brag (yes I do!) but I can beat Maria Brothers in 8 minutes.

Not a fan of the design but I do like the techniques used
the fading drips from the text and the line work used to shade the faces

Its a funny idea. But really disturbing. I don’t like seeing my childhood hero looking grotesque and scary. Not for me.

Mario’s holding a plunger. Luigi should be holding a body part. Or Mario’s lower jaw!

This goes high on my list of “moments I wish I had a hammer”.

Your princess is in another castle.

With a machete and a torch.

That is one of the best write-ups I’ve heard lately Woot! Bravo!!!

Made me go: “Oh SNAP!!!” When I got to the end. :smiley:

That writeup is the kind of thing I had nightmares about :<

its a really interesting take on an old favorite for most of us! While i like it I feel it has to much of a “sketchy” look

I think I may have just found part of my Halloween Costume…

seriously though, on the fence with this one. My kids LOVE mario and luigi as much as I did growing up, but this shirt would seriously scare them…


Quick! Somebody get those guys a 1-Up!

Why do they keep using silver shirts? They are so gross… Just use heather grey! :frowning: