Dramatic Jackalope

i dont get it

Glad this won, but I’m still looking forward for the puffaluff.

i can see we r getting bac to the shit brown

I LOVE the shirt…but I don’t love brown :frowning: I would love to see this in red or blue

Done and done.

Congrats, pyrin!

Cute design, I’m a fan of the color schemes, but I’m in for like 6 shirts in the last 10 days. Nice job though!

condition: Apocryphal

hmmm, i’m just not seeing it

I’d buy it if it were at the same angle as “Dramatic Groundhog”… or noone would “get it”, like these other posters.

I’m not complaining, but this definitely was not the best shirt. In for 1 though.

Definitely in for one. Awesome!

I don’t see why it’s appealing.

Got one. It’s the first brown shirt I’ve felt like buying.

This got 595 votes?

I think the tracker dude had it at 833 votes. Guess he has some work to do to get the bugs out.

This shirt tells the world: “Ask me about this freaky rabbit with antlers. Come on, ask me. For real. Hey, where are you going?”


as for the actual shirt, i’m split.

Too too too fuckin many brown shirts



haha, i think they are referncing the “shirts you have to explain” convo we had in the description.

Thats pretty funny.

Go Pyrin!!!

I’m really hoping the Phoenix got second or third. It’s going to be kind of unfair to have the two shirts, by the same guy, win second and third, so we’ll see. Crossing fingers on the phoe winning second. Nice shirt, tempting but brown isn’t my thing for shirts. [have enough of those lol] But congrats, cute jackalope!

Looks like they have a new graphic to play with (ribbon for derby win)