Drawstring Bags

Woot, how about considering offering drawstring bags along with the totes, aprons, and pouches that are offered with the artist’s design. I myself love riding my bike for various errands around town and don’t like a heavy, bulky backpack to carry my wallet, keys, dog treats, ect…a tote bag doesn’t work good for safety reasons , like getting caught in the front wheels. But a drawstring bag is perfect, it’s not heavy and can be worn like a backpack. Has enough room to add
More items after stopping at the store for things like a carton of ice cream, chips, and soda. Thank you, Punkin2013.
Bag Alert GIF by Nichesix

We have them on occasion! We call them cinch sacks…good to know you are interested, we don’t typically advertise before events launch on site, but you might have a little look-see for these types of bags next week or so, or there-aboutsies…maybe. I can’t confirm or deny, but those interested in biking might watch out for biking accessories sometime soon.

Also, how do you feel about fanny packs? Seriously.

Hey, thanks for the possible heads up or not ,on the cinch sacks and biking accessories. I’ll have be sure to commit more time stalking the site. I’m really wanting some kind of basket that will attach to my bike for my protector Mia. She’s all of 8lbs and fearless. Just loves going with me on errands. Also I’m looking for a tug line with bungee, for my 55lbs baby, Odie. He helps me keep the bike moving forward when I’m tired.

As far as fanie packs. No Way. I’m very surprised Woot would even consider such an item. Woot is way to cool to sell such an abomination. Oh accessorie.