Dread Pirate Brand

Book is great. Dread Pirate Roberts should definitely make anyone’s top 3 pirates list.

I am a tad confused as to why there appears to be a reference to “Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan” with the port being Botany Bay.

Probably a solid business venture as it takes a few years to build up a tolerance to Iocane. Repeat customers :wink: One of my all time favorite movies. Congrats on the print.

The iocane powder comes from Australia, so maybe that is why since Botany Bay is in Sydney. Maybe the artist is also a fan of Star Trek since the book and movie don’t refer to a specific location in Australia.

So is there really that much of a demand for iocane powder?

In very small doses it is an aphrodisiac and is used to treat arthritis.

boooooooo wish this were in black

Brilliant. I did read the original and S. Morgenstern was very long winded. Thank goodness for Goldman wanting to abridge it for his hefty son. Who wants to sit through 20 pages of what was packed in luggage or hundreds of pages of landscape description or Gilder history? And when the publisher wanted King to do the adaptation of Buttercups Baby, really what would have been different since King is quite long winded himself. I don’t blame Goldman for being upset.

Botany Bay is a bay in New South Wales, Australia. Europeans first landed there in 1770. I would imagine the ship in Star Trek was named after the bay. I think it’s more of a pirate joke.

Slow clap to the write-up author.

This deal is INCONCEIVABLE!!!

Despite the move to Sydney Cove, for many years the Australian penal colony would be referred to as “Botany Bay” in England.

You keep using that word…

WOOT please o please consider giving us a poly blend tshirt option… its hot down here!

Like the write-up. Love the shirt.

I’ve only seen “The Princess Bride” once, so I’ve learned a lot in the comments today!

And I"m reminded of Bill Clinton’s unintentionally famous line: “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.”

This should help further your understanding…


Another great shirt! Congrats! I still want the designer’s Miracle Mac’s shirt as well! Hey Woot dudes, how about an offer of all this designer’s shirts?

Great to see a reference to the Puddletown Pirates in Botany Bay, Chorley.