Dream Cheeky Iron Man USB Stress Panic Button

Can this be rigged to launch monkeys instead of screen effects?

taking one for the team and buying 3… Maybe white elephant gift or something… I don’t know

There’s an elite version? Where is this magic device of which you speak?

Will it work with my iPhone?

does it support gnu+linux?

I am sure that this will sell out quickly because people seem to love the USB gadgets. I just don’t see the appeal? Granted, I am not in IT. That cup warmer yesterday looked a bit more interesting.

I think this is clearly woot telling me to go eat something as I have not since the woot-off started.

Clearly not for mac…only windows users need the panic button…

I want one! I want one! I want one! Oh wait no i don’t…

I prefer my “easy” button

I bought the USB stress button from the last wootoff and was severely disappointed with the screen effects.


I figured out that all the button is doing is sending SHIFT+ALT+P to the computer where their software is listening. Using autohotkey I was able to hook up that key combination to run a python script which fires my USB missile launcher I also purchased during the last wootoff

Wonder if you can rig this as a push-to-talk button for Ventrilo…

Don’t Panic

Even if this had free shipping I don’t think I would buy it at that price.

I want one for my Mac when it does that bouncy ball thing. GRRRRR

So for those of you who don’t know what it does, I went and found out.

When you are stressed out with whatever you are doing on the computer, you hit the button and it counts down from 5 and “blows up” everything and a “nice” looking explosion with some “nice” explosion sounds.

Yeah, I had the same thoughts.

Video or it never happened.

Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.

Any video?