Dream Cheeky Iron Man USB Stress Panic Button

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Dream Cheeky Iron Man USB Stress Panic Button
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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The Hulk one was better.

Note to woot. We are looking for good crap. Not this crap.

$9 on Amazon.

What is the point of this, again?

What in the world can you do with these anyway? Besides panic of course.

what exactly is “good” crap?

Here is a link where you can download software to remap the Panic button to do whatever you’d like…64 bit version is in the comments section.


Almost as useless as the ‘Easy’ button.

Good stocking suffer.

going to put it right next to the chumby…

oh my god, i’ll have to start another account so I can buy more than 3

Yeah baby!, bring on the cheap stuff. This will be great for everyone I know.
Took another 3!

I’ve been waiting this whole woot off for Bucky Balls and not a ball has been found. :frowning:

Holy Crap! All these years that I’ve been here and I got the first comment? Wow. I try not to get quality posts OR first comments!

i get it. You need the ziploc bag they just sold to protect this thing during the swimming portion of the Ironman. Very clever, these Woot staff!

Yes…I would suffer to as a stocking if I got this.

The video is WAY more fun, but the tiny balls are fun to throw at the fridge!

W. T. F.

How can I not buy 3 of these and give them as gifts?