Dream Cheeky Iron Man USB Stress Panic Button



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Dream Cheeky Iron Man USB Stress Panic Button
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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not this again


Disassemble these and there are a few hacker parts inside. Got 1 in my last BOC.

And no…not compatible with mac or win 7




How much of the 99 cents goes to Robert Downy Jr. ?


This is the best thing since some really bad extremely recent thing!


These do relieve a lot of stress…
…when you unplug them and throw them at the mail lady that bent your package labeled do not bend.


Server test?


These apparently aren’t compatible with Windows 7.

I bought the Hulk Dream Cheeky USB Stress Panic Buttons before, and while it works fine with my XP laptop, it doesn’t work with Windows 7.


Try the console app I wrote at http://dreamcheekyusb.codeplex.com