Dream Cheeky USB Big Red Button

BoC yet? I had no internet for awhile…

no, someone in the world will die.

In for two, will make great prizes to give away at the next lan party

Cheeky??? Really???

Psssst: Stocking Stuffer

Nope. You havent missed anything.

actually… the device IS compatable with mac…its the software thats not…

uhhhh… sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

not yet, look at the “community” link and go through the list.

come on MN buy more big red buttons. i want the BOC


I got two… one for work (the nuclear power plant) and the other for home.

Since I’m known for being nice, I’ll clue you in…click on “community” at the top of the page to see what you may have missed.

Daggummit. I was right in the middle of weighing the pros and cons of a steam mop.

Friendly PSA:

If you’re buying things for gifts later in the season, be sure to check the warranty. If it’s a short warranty, check it out before you put it away. Nothing more frustrating than having someone open up something that doesn’t work and finding out the warranty is expired.

This goes for just about any place, not just Woot.

The perfect use for a big red button…Configure it as a big F5 button for wootoffs!

What is the current coupon code?

Still don’t get how they could only have 5 of the steam cleaners especially when they had 99 wood blocks.

In for 3…

It’s more reassuring that you’re using it at a nuclear power plant than at home, bwahahaha!