Dream Cheeky USB Cup Warmer with Cup

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Dream Cheeky USB Cup Warmer with Cup
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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in for 142! lets keep this thing rollin!

Really don’t like the taste of drinking from metal cups.

simply plug into your laptops USB port, and 5 hours later, a piping hot cup of liquid. Unless your battery goes dead before then.

USB Powered? 2.5w cup heater?

That description makes me want to hurl

I buy anything & everything described as cheeky!

What is this, I don’t even.

What’s the cup’s capacity? Will other cups or mugs work on this?

I buy anything & everything that’s USB powered!


Yeah… this thing has to work… cup… check… heating element… check… 2.5 watts of power??? umm… check.

Especially coffee from metal cups. I would also think a stainless steel mug with stainless steel handle sitting on a (low-powered) heating unit would have a great potential for singed knuckles.

So it won’t heat any quicker on a USB3 port?

Wow… really?..Am I really watching this?

Did the BOC come on yet? Or did I miss that?

I can easily see me knocking this over and spilling onto the cord, shorting out our whole office, sparking a fire, which turns into a wild fire that prompts the evacuation of 50,000 homes. All because it was too good of a deal.

Ah screw it. In for 1!

Good write up!

Re: The stench in the office

Are there actually people out there that would buy this thing?