Dream Cheeky USB Glitter Lamp

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Dream Cheeky USB Glitter Lamp
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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sure would be nice to know how large the

Dream Cheeky USB Glitter Lamp


in for 3!

Stocking Stuffers!

I’m drunk enough to go for a lava lamp… But a “glitter lamp”? OMGOMGOMGPINIESOMGPONIES.

A lot bigger than i thought for the money

Now this is good woot-off crap! How about more USB crap?

dr. evil would love one

yeah well I tried to get the han solo watch but it sold out instantly. :frowning:

woot woot

The glitter is pointless because there isn’t enough heat to move the glitter like it would in an AC-powered glitter lamp. Those use a 15-25 watt bulb. Too bad they don’t put a motor or VIBRA.TOR at the bottom to shake things up. The LEDs merely change color, without doing anything to the glitter. All in all, it’s nothing more than a color changing USB lightbulb.

There is a picture next to the usb cable/connector that will give you some perspective of the size.

Looks like an analyst plug.

I think it’s a really good deal, but i just cannot seem to bring myself to find a practical use for it…
Anyone care to take a stab at finding a use for it???

woot needs a comment button that says “i dont want one.” I want to feel more involved mainly by pressing fake buttons on my screen.

Nice and soothing night light for a little one.

Wow, definitely bigger than I thought.
My family is gonna love these :slight_smile:

Simple. Buy 3 and load.up you cubicle at work, to confuse your coworkers

Or how about a video.