Dream Cheeky USB Light, Mug Warmer, and Vacuum

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New Dream Cheeky USB Light, Mug Warmer, and Vacuum, for $5.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Dream Cheeky USB Gift Set - Light/Mug Warmer/Vacuum

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Dream Cheeky USB Light, Mug Warmer, and Vacuum
$5.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 Dream Cheeky USB Gift Set – Light/Mug Warmer/Vacuum

My boss was wanting me to get a USB mug warmer whenever I saw one on Woot. So, this is just a bonus.

Holy cow! Now I have to make a second account so I can buy 6!

This looks almost pretty cool.

I bought this from think geek last year. It pretty much sucks ass. Don’t expect the vac to actually work, or your cups to actually heat. The light is sufficient enough I guess. So you have a light, a pen holder, and some extra usb slots. Not worth it IMO

I’m buying, but I’d like to know: I have some generic USB AC adapters. Any problem plugging the 4-port hub into one of those, and then plugging the other things into the hub?

Ok woot, is it the light, warmer, vacuum, AND pen holder with usb ports - or just the light, warmer, and vacuum?

which one is the mug warmer…i see 4 usb products

IF only it was a mug chiller I would be all over this too bad I dont wanna rip it open to reverse the wiring…

Is it USB 2.0 at least?
It says a Min. of USB 1.1 to power all of that but is it only a USB 1.1 hub?
I could use a random light + hub.

This would be a good thing to use my black and decker portable power supplies with…

Whats the amp draw on the mug warmer??? YIKES bet it makes a better computer warmer!!!

Is it even a usb hub, or only power in usb format. I’ve seen quite a few “usb” cables that only do power… and all you need for the light is power.

Since it doesn’t say it’s usb 1.1 or 2… I’m skeptical…

And what about Linux support?

What is a USB mood light pen holder? Does it change colors or something? Does it turn green when it senses a user’s anger?

Another hint it could be only power:

The usb pinout is 4 contacts. power on the outside… data on the inside. I only see 2 contacts in the “hub”… I know sometimes the data contacts are recessed. but… it’s certainly not showing them.

Would you say I have a plethora of USB gadgets?

Yes, Dream Cheeky, yes.

Well… If you are correct about the power only hub, which I would guess to be correct… Why are you asking about Linux support? And either way, none of these items need anything more than power, so yes, there would be Linux support. But that is kind of like asking if you wall power sockets support Dell.

I know someone that has a usb mug warmer. Let’s just say that it doesn’t exactly get hot enough to warm your lunch on but it will slow how fast your coffee gets cold. I was suprised but it’s far from a regular mug warmer.