Dream Cheeky USB Mailbox Friends Alert

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Dream Cheeky USB Mailbox Friends Alert
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Almost a Barge of Carp!!!


What… is… this?

Ok, seems to be going slow, perfect time to run to work without fear of missing something special!

what the fuck is this piece of shit?

Are friends included? :frowning:


Thanks, I needed something absolutely useless to fill that absolutely useless “extra” USB port on my laptop!

I was hoping this was an actual mailbox because mine is rusted to heck…

So they run out of mice just to put up this load of junk? Oh well, I’m sure it is a great product and hope everyone buys three.

Uh, No thanks.

Gotta love the pointless items :slight_smile:

Wow - finally a product more bizarre than the Leak Frog! I love it!!

“You’ve got mail!”


My how things have changed. It now takes 50 MB of disk space for a little app to check your email.

Can I program it to light up when a new item is up during a Woot-off? Can I program it to only light up when a BOC appears ?

They are going slow. How do you know that there are 55 left?

This would be useful if you did not receive enough promotional emails every 5 minutes.