Dream Cheeky USB Mini Fridge

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Dream Cheeky USB Mini Fridge
$8.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Someone buy 3

aren’t we supposed to be drinking less soda?

reviews say will keep a cold drink cool, but will not cool a warm drink well.

won’t keep it cold, but cool

I’d love to…& I can think of a niece & nephew or two who would love 'em. But even at Woot prices, that’s a tad high for a laugh.

Do I get the soda inside? :3

So put beer in it.

Don’t plug this into your brand new HP Pavilion Quad-Core from Sellout.woot, the power draw may be a bit too much.

I’m in for one!

You could put cans of tea… or water…

lol no, soda it is.

Sweet, all these usb products remind me of woots glory days where they had lots of cool little USB gadgets all the time.

I did. Bought 3. Christmas gag gift with $ limit, but almost useful. Maybe they will fight over it at the office.

“You can put a 1 pack of be… soda in it!”

Will this actually chill a can or will it just keep the can as cold as it was when it went in? I have a computer accessory gift exchange going but it has to be mildly useful.

does this come with beer?

or beer!!

Thats why only beer cans fit. Everyone needs a mid-day pick me up beer.

this is ridiculous!

Put in Gummi Bears