Dream Cheeky USB Mini Fridge

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Dream Cheeky USB Mini Fridge
$8.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Grab three, otherwise you’ll still be thirsty when your fridges are empty.

edit: or maybe one would work if you combine it with rye whiskey

damnn I wanted one…

well, that was quick. If anyone got 3 and wants to sell one, drop me a message

Wait!!! Bring it back!!! Please?

Apparently there was only one.

Now we know what state 10erg01 lives in.

Mine rattles something awful (didn’t buy from Woot), but if you have a cold beverage, it will stay cold, as long as you leave it plugged in. It will not cool a can of soda though.

One?! What was the point of that again?

Total woots: 1

Lol woot your a tease!

Did they only carry two of these things?!

Speaking of CRAP…

I sure wish Woot would fix CrapShoot.

Sling a monkey works fine but CrapShoot has been dead for weeks…

Are you FN kidding me? Have there been no reports on how well they work? Can I write a declarative sentence?

Seriously - you could keep a drink cold in one of those, if you put the whole thing into a refrigerator and didn’t plug in the USB. Even though I sit only a few dozen steps from the break room, I thought it would be funny/ironic/silly to have a fridge on my desk. When plugged in, the metal plate inside gets slightly cool to the touch, which might lead one to expect a somewhat-cooled beverage in a day or so, but the rate at which it moves heat out is so much lower than that at which heat moves in through the sides that the difference is only a few degrees.
In an office kept at 66F(ish), you can have a nice 60-degree coke. On a cool fall day, if you kept it outside, it’d be about right for a Guinness, if it would fit.

I bought two last time they were offered, with the same results from each. The phrase “For novelty purposes only” would make a good addition to the description.

I see here near the end a comment that it won’t cool but will keep a drink cool. Tried that too. Equilibrium is about 5 degrees below ambient.