Dream Cheeky USB Mini Fridge



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Dream Cheeky USB Mini Fridge
$17.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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So you can cool your cheeks in this fridge?


Only $14.98 + $7.76 shipping on Amazon right now.


I always thought that Crystal Pepsi was from the 80s, but I looked it up and Woot is right: early 90s.


As long as your cheeks are smaller than a 12oz can, I’d say yes you can.


It’s cute, but it would have to hold more than just one can of soda to be good for me, lol! :slight_smile:

I was thinking it would be cool to use in my car though, with my USB charger for the phone…hmmm charge my phone, or keep a can of soda cool…


I bet a baby’s head would fit in there.


‘you bet’, as if you haven’t confirmed.

funny thing, the ad on right is a baby head picture.


Nobody has volunteered their baby yet, but science must progress.




…and if you cut a hole in the top plastic you can probably even fit most of a 20oz plastic soda bottle.

Too bad it sits crooked and the door doesn’t close :wink: otherwise it would have one up on the fridge in the office kitchenette.


Crystal Pepsi was pretty good stuff too. Thanks Woot, for re-opening old wounds.