Dream Cheeky USB Plasma Ball

vainy ball

Had one. Gave it away.

Plasma TV in the round

Now this is the kinda weird stuff that brought me to the woot family in the first place:

Oddball USB plug-ins!

This little lite of mine I’m gonna let it shine…

A few reviews on newegg:

one on amazon:

and a youtube video:

we’ve been waiting for a long time for this deal to return…oh btw first wooter :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been ignoring the 10" plasma ball I got at Spencer Gifts in high school for seven years, no need to add to the collection.

It’s a WiFi antenna made of usb lightning power.

Have one in the office. Very tempted to connect it to 12V and see what the increased voltage will do to it…

haha i was just about to shout out spencer’s too…this is signature stuff for them


$10 is better spent on a six pack

What is it with Woot! and Devo?


btw where are you guys finding those different avatars?

are we not men?

This one is USB. Can your dusty Spencer Gifts plasma ball do that? :slight_smile:

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