Dream Cheeky USB Stress Button


This is for those complaining about 3 big ticket items in a row. Is this a low enough ticket item for you?

What do it do?

Damn it, your checkout process takes too long! I wanted the Dyson. :frowning:


Big red button.
Must be pressed.

Warning this product may cause Big Red Button Syndrome.

idk what this is

Sometimes I wonder who actually buys these things.

Ohh! Looks well made.



it creates an explosion on your screen.

So can this be hacked into some other cool thing? I still remember the fun I had with :cuecats:

Midwest sure is stressed out.

Much needed defense for the iZombie Apocalypse.

Be prepaired!

Ya, kind of what I said. Cute but useless product video. Here’s a better one:

The video is exquisite!

So what is the fog that this thing makes? Is it safe for pets?

Well, I bought two, but I am not sure why.

Here’s what it does: