Dream Cheeky USB Webmail Notifier

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Dream Cheeky USB Webmail Notifier
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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LOL at least it’s cheap and fun


this would literally be torturous.

and this literally is torturous.

No Soap, Radio

wow! I remember these!

Or at least something very like it…15 years ago a company tried selling these little black pyramids whose top would flash red when you got new email.

It would be more accurate if it was made to look like a spam tin.

What ?

It says vista, but does this work with windows 7?

Now if I could just find a way to wire my USB Woot! lights to activate when a BoC is available.


$15 from dream cheeky


Windows 7/ Vista / XP SP2 or later/ 2000 SP4 or later

One available USB Port

50 MB Available Hard disk space

VGA or Higher Resolution Monitor

Sound Card

CD-Rom Drive

I was three years old when my daddy gave me my first beer and cigarette. Then he whooped me for drinking and smoking…

Now THIS is what belongs in a woot-off.

Something you didn’t even know you needed until you saw it.

I looked into this once. While possible, it would require some electronics and soldering that was a bit beyond me.

where did the speakers go? Did I miss it?

Great idea!

But I suspect the makers of Spam might raise some copyright issues unless you gave them a cut.

Give this to an epileptic that you don’t like then sic a botnet on them.

This is going to take forever… I guess it’s time to go back to flinging monkeys or shooting BOCs in those fun games…

My phone notifies me of every e-mail I receive but for some odd reason I felt that I had to have this…

And of course, I was the first sucker =|

This is going to make me thoroughly annoying in the office.

Sweet victory is mine.