Dream Cheeky USB Webmail Notifier

And we’re back!

You’ve got mail!

Windows only! Boo!

what’s the point?

this thing didn’t work for me at all when i got it last time it was up.

Need to get one of these, gut it, and integrate with the wootoff lights (and maybe wootalyzer) so that the lights go off during wootoffs!

Well, ain’t that cheeky. And by cheeky, I mean most horrible piece of junk I’ve ever seen someone try to charge money for. :slight_smile:


Why would I want this?

I wonder if I can use one of these for every one of my email accounts. I’d love to have 3 of these going off all day behind my desk. It’d be like a disco party.

I’m impressed by the uselessness of this product.

No Windows 7 - deal killer for me.

I got this last wootoff. It is sitting next to my monitor. I work from home. I use it to alert me when I get work e-mail on my work e-mail account.

I love it. I can be sitting on the couch watching TV and see the e-mail change colors and get right to the e-mail.

This is what woot is for products you did not even know you needed till you saw them.

We waited an hour for this??? YOU’VE GOT MAIL…

The real question is why wouldn’t you want this

I’d pay good money for THAT!

Could be cool if this was the 90’s and email was still new and shiny.

I guess if you want something more the only option is to get a life size Paul McCartney doll that plays please Mr. postman when you get mail.

I wonder if they have a Candi version of this? In for 3.

They obviously want an extended lunch break.