Dream’eo Enza 20GB Portable Media Center

Yeah, so I cant actually find any pricing info on this thing…so here is a cnet.com review

Cnet.com Review 6.7/10

Manufacturer Page

Guess being NEW makes this better?

Anyone else never heard of Dream’eo?

Dream’eo Enza 20GB Portable Media Center

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    1 Dream’eo Enza 20GB Portable Media Center

BizRate Prices… not sure if its right… working on it…

… ick… this one’s tough… i don’t know what to do… here’s a More Useful Link… for all… it’s shopzilla’s mp3 players under $100… one of which for sure is a 20gb type… enjoy…

I was gonna unveil my useful linkage blog today… but this product is not condusive to worthwhile useful linkage… i suppose i’ll have to wait until tomorrow… thanks Woot, for the added suspense…tomorrow, the useful linkage blog will come to life… the plan is to include more useful linkage than ever imagined AND add a little witty banter and show woot some love… not sure how its gonna work out… but i think it’s gonna be fun.

id get one if it was 60gb

another Dreamo huh, I rather have an Archos one

good lookin device. wish it wasn’t christmas time. I have to spend money on other people!


about 200 (dollars) so woot so far is the cheapest

Teen Forums Admin

Seems like a decent deal. But I prefer the rca lyra woot offers with a modded hdd for 160 gig playback.

No divx support?

3.5 hours of video? That’s terrible.

There is nothing about this item that makes it special.

A review from CNET…

What the hell is a Dream’eo?

They must be Dream’eo’n!!!

Good price, right?

don’t think much of that description

Display 3.5” TFT LCD, 16.7M colors, 320×240 pixel resolution, variable brightness LED backlight

Meh, no thanks. If it were 640x480 or something a bit better than crappy webcam resolution, then I’d be all over it. :frowning:

lol you get an award for worst joke of the year. I like it! :slight_smile:

Can Linux be installed on it?