Dream’eo Enza 20GB Portable Media Center

Get a Zune instead!!!


Does it run Linux?

Does anyone know if this item work with the woot’s Navigator 9 GPS that were sold last week on woot?

Mandatory review link: http://reviews.digitaltrends.com/review3329.html

Here’s another review:

Would that it could play 544x480 direct DVB MPEG2 satellite dumps. Then we’d have something to talk about!

got a 7 on http://reviews.digitaltrends.com/review3329.html

Windows XP Media Center Edition style interface; removable rechargeable battery

Lack of composite video output on included A/V cable; directional screen

Is the TV out a decent resolution?
Can it play divx/xvid or are the codecs able to be loaded on it?

This has to be a great price… It is as good as a Ipod nano price, and you get a heck of alot more…

yay for sonic trivia quiz. Right off the bat i recognize sixteen tons, an old country song but im too tired to find the rest right now :confused:

Not a terrible woot but i have no money.

6.7 out of 10 at cnet. Bad enough for me not to jump on it.

read full review here

it doesn’t do mpeg4 video, which is a fatal flaw in a unit like this.


is this the one with the GPS or without ?

Anyone ells knowtis that it looks just like the icon i/you can’t delete form “my computer” after installing win media player 11.

I’d rather get a Zune… And I despise the Zune. Thank you, good night!

without. Want one?

From CNET review:
Its downsides include mediocre battery life (especially for audio), no kickstand or carrying case, and SUPPORT FOR WMV AND ASF VIDEO FILES ONLY. Converted DivX, MPEG-2, and XviD videos don’t play properly, and the only video-out option is S-Video, which didn’t work for us.

I’m sorry… no divx/xvid, no purchase from me…

Beware! My expeience with Dream’eo is suspect. Lots of dead pixels out of the box. Plan on a hassle if you want to exchange it thru the manufacturer.

I just installed that like two days ago, and haven’t noticed anything odd. Where do you see it?

nope … i would rather stick to my mio c310x …